Lazon at 16th Laser Dentistry World Congress

10/21/2018 11:52:10 PM

Warmly celebrate 16th Laser Dentistry World Congress and 27th DGL Annual Meeting in Aachen, Germany, during 1 to 3 October, 2018. Over 500 professional laser professors and dentists from all over the world participated in this Grand Event.

As the most innovative Diode Laser in the conference, SOLASE received much attention and appreciation during the conference.

Here we meet many of our old friends again, such as Prof. Josep Arnabat from Barcelona University, Prof. Gáspár Lajos from Hungary, famous laser dentist Martiniano Francischetti from Argentina, Prof. Juliya Cherepynska from Ukraine, Professora Elen Saboya from Brazil, Dr. Masound from Iran and other pioneers of dental lasers. Every step of LAZON growth is inseparable from the sincere help of these experts and professors.

At the same time, we are very grateful to our dealers of Spain, Poland, South Africa and Sudan for supporting us during the congress.

Sincerely gratitude to the Prof.Josep Arnabat. Without his sincere help, our workshop couldn’t be so successful. The subject was Introduction of New Smart Diode Laser for Dental Treatment (976nm). Professors, dentists, dealers from Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Romania, China, Germany, Poland attended in the workshop.

With the help of our dealers and the recommendation of our professors, more professors and dealers from Israel, Finland, Norway, Morocco, Algeria, France, Argentina etc. meet us at our booth and expressed sincere cooperation intentions to us.

In conclusion, the congress is successful. It brings us higher international reputation, lots of constructive suggestions, more sincere friends in the dental laser field, and broader market space.