Lazon at 25th Dental South China 2020

9/22/2020 12:53:35 AM

Lazon Medical Laser was exhibiting at the 25th Dental South China 2020 in Guangzhou, from 16 to 19 September, 2020.

Because of the impact of the epidemic, the number of dentists participating in the exhibition has decreased a lot from last year. But people’s enthusiasm for dental lasers has not been affected at all. Solase Dental Diode Laser still attracted lots of attention from many participants.

As an outstanding representative of Chinese laser brands, Solase is equipped with top-notch multi-function laser handpieces, a full set of laser accessories and smart software. We provided one-to-one answers to laser knowledge and helped visitors to understand the basic concepts of lasers. Visitors can also perform laser operations on experimental materials in the booth.

Although the Covid-19 has affected all aspects of our lives and caused many great negative effects on us this year. But we truly believe it will eventually pass and the situation will get better soon. Lazon looks forward to seeing you next year on Dental South China again.

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