Laser Handpieces

EcoFiber Handpiece


Although traditional strippable fiber claims to have an advantage of low-cost, and can theoretically be used for hundreds of times, this bare fiber is extremely fragile and easily broken in actual use. It is often completely scrapped because of accidents after just a few applications, and cannot achieve the purpose of reducing costs. At the same time, the replacement of this strippable fiber is inconvenient. Moreover it cannot be used with laser whitening handpiece or laser therapy handpiece. So its use is limited.

The EcoFiber handpiece not only has the advantage of low cost as traditional strippable fiber, but is also durable and easy to replace. The fiber inside has very high reliability and is not easy to break. At the same time, it is perfectly compatible with our unique full-mouth whitening handpiece and therapy handpiece.

Compared with disposable fiber tips, the EcoFiber can be used for about 30 times. It dramatically reduces the cost of dental laser operation and is an economical solution for laser treatment.


      ●   Strippable fiber for cost reducing

      ●   Highly reliable fiber protection design to prevent fiber breakage

      ●   All metal construction, rugged and durable

      ●   Autoclavable design to prevent cross-infection


dental strippable fiber handpiece